"Part 3: Challenges Women Encounter" - By: Kimberly B. Brown

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"Part 3: Challenges Women Encounter"  - By: Kimberly B. Brown
In two previous posts I shared issues which women encounter in male dominated industries. One of which pointed to the notion that more unity amongst women would be most helpful and the other point gestured at the idea that women are not emotionally strong to handle leadership - or at least that is the perception.   
One of the other issues which I have noticed women encounter in male dominated industries is the notion that speaking against inequality or mistreatment creates unnesscary dysfunction... And damages the inability to speak freely without consequences.  
It is 2019, no one should feel afraid, pressured, isolated or ashamed to state that a specific matter is unjust. Healthy objectives do not stir conflict, but reign a peaceful outcome in order to move forward. 
This goes beyond the subjects of sexual assault or harassment on the job, but the idea of saying that you are bullied in the workplace or deserve a raise and promotion should not render consequences. After all, we are all adults and any person who understands the concept of hardwork should rightfully respect difference in opinion. 
In my own legal matter, it is obvious that I am encountering more opposition as a opposed to support in a specific wrongdoing.  My voice is not intended to be confrontational, but speak my truth in order to create a healthy resolve. Not just for myself, but other women leaders who endure the same paths which I have. 
It is time that we change. 
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