NEW Post: "BE That" By: Kimberly B. Brown

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NEW Post: "BE That" By: Kimberly B. Brown


You set limitations for your own life trying to become someone else. Therefore, it is essential for each of us to harvest our own individuality or purpose - and be just that. 
Over the years I have worn many hats - scriptwriter, journalist, producer, emcee, speaker, host and creator as well as birthday coordinator.  However, despite all of those titles I have filled, behind it all was simply ME - Kimberly Bernice Brown.  
Throughout my personal life I have been daughter, stranger, friend, cousin, niece, aunt and counselor. Some of those roles by choice, others through birth. Still no one was more equipped for those spaces but me. 
Even in our shortcomings and better yet achievements we have a divine place or space in this world.   
In the dark and light moments, flaws and all we still have to tolerate, be patient, assert, adore, motivate, inspire as well as warrant ourselves. 
Still none of the above gives permission to stop being you, and go mimick trying to be someone else. While it is flattering (just a little) to admire or "borrow" from another person's brand, image or personality - it is completely absurd to divorce yourself in a mission to try and become that person. 
The individual whom you spend the most time with is the essence of something very unique.
The outcome of that growth, solitude and sometimes loneliness is preparing you for what or who you were meant to become...And you will never be who you were truly meant to be trying to master the traits of becoming another human.
You will never make your mark nor fulfill any purpose copying or life mocking the very moves of another individual. 
There's something great about you within. Go find it!
And when you do, just be that - BE YOU!
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