NEW Post: "Learn to BE Heard AND Here's WHY" By: Kimberly B. Brown

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NEW Post: "Learn to BE Heard AND Here's WHY" By: Kimberly B. Brown
I enjoy long walks, sitting in the park and hearty conversations that engage for hours ...What disturbs me is insensitivity, lack of compassion towards another person and inability to acknowledge we are all created different for a reason. 
Earlier I posted a video on social media about having to endure a difficult task of ensuring my voice is being heard. 
Being heard is not just about saying that I am right, you are wrong - but honoring the respect of another human beings rights. Throughout my career I have often heard the voiceless spill out in cries for help about whatever mistreatment he/she may have endured.  Can you imagine how that may feel to hear someone else plea, but can not really do anything in return to resolve the matter?
It is the most disturbing factor that I have to speak out on an unfair treatment in order to move forward with my life.The constant harassment is so outdated and unnecessary. It disturbs me that some other individual also known as a human being believe in some dysfunctional manner that it is right to discriminate, be hateful or spread toxic behaviors onto others because of their own bitterness.  
Forgiveness is more than just saying "sorry", but respecting the boundaries and space to leave the person the heck alone. 
Bullying never solved anything but create more animosity and no one should have to endure it.  
BE HEARD - whether it is to a supervisor, family friend, the court system or a judge. We ALL have a right to live freely from jealousy, hate, bitterness or dislike from others. 
Be heard! 


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