NEW: "Three Traits Of A True Leader" By: Kimberly B. Brown

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NEW: "Three Traits Of A True Leader" By: Kimberly B. Brown
Earlier this week I had the opportunity of appearing on The Beat 139 radio podcast in Harlem, New York. As a guest on any media platform, you are asked a variety of questions in order to engage listeners and foster deeper discussion.
Well,  during this particular interview I was asked about an encounter throughout my life which I enjoy speaking about - my answer was Ms. Judy. 
Ms. Judy is my childhood crossing guard who made it her duty, as well as her job, to assure that all children safely crossed the street to school. 
Ms. Judy was very confident, consistent and compassionate. Ms. Judy was certainly a leader. So much so, Ms. Judy always praised us, even on our bad days, spoke highly about each child's individual talents, boasted on our greatness as well as potential which she saw in each of her pupils. 
Ms. Judy was above cattiness and pettiness, nor did she tolerate any of the children belittling or demeaning the one another. Over thirty years later, the same regal character of Ms. Judy still resonates with me. 
She was not a wealthy woman nor did she ever grace any global publications, but she was definitely a leader. 
Fast forward, it is my belief that social media have this generation of today confused and misled about what defines a true leader. People are aspiring to obtain followers as opposed to nurturing substance. 
Wealth or status does not define true leadership - it starts character. And while we are on the subject, there's a few other traits which through my own personal account defines a true leader.
Here are three traits of a true leader:
1.) FAITH: How can any individual who desires to lead or represent the majority of a free world fit the description of "leader" if they lack the ability to have faith in the unseen?  
This foundation goes beyond religious or spiritual talk, but it is a inner connection that encourages as well as inspire others to believe that despite the circumstances, all will eventually improve.
Having faith is the beginning formula for receiving miracles and positive change in your life. A true leader understands the importance of this foundation.
2.) INTELLECT: I am aroused by intellect, not ignorance. Conversations of substance that challenge my inner being to become a stronger voice or even more so a better person. There's been many conversations that easily escaped my radar because it lacked the mental stamina to hold my attention...And as I have observed with a few other worthy individuals whom I would call a leader, there are just some conversations not worth entertaining.  
Any individual in the winners circle and truly believe in a divine vision is not wasting time or energy on petty talk. 
A true leadership quality is being able to uplift and inspire others without having to intentionally hurt or demean another individual. 
This is not about being book smart, or even street smart, but more so having an understanding about the power of wisdom. 
3.) CHARACTER: Courage, tenacity and grace all qualify as traits of good character. Character is not who you want people to believe that you are, but who you REALLY are. Good character can take you places where good money and good looks will fail your entry. 
Good character will strengthen your foundation in spaces where others may have tried to damage your reputation. Character is who you are. 
Any true and natural born leader understands that the same your "word", your character must be solid as well.  
All of these qualities are useful in situations that involves making impactful decisions, positive change and leaving a impact on the world. 
Therefore, no amount of social media "likes" can disguise having faith, intellect or character. Fortunately, these are the innate qualities of natural born leaders.
Are you one?
Happy Sunday!!!
NEW: "Three Traits Of A True Leader" By: Kimberly B. Brown
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